Monday, September 11, 2006

Daniel R. Nolan: Died Sept. 11, 2001 at WTC

This post honors Daniel R. Nolan as part of a project by bloggers to honor all the 9/11 victims on individual blogs.

Daniel Nolan, 44, died September 11, 2001, in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. He was born in Hartford, Conn., and graduated from the University of Hartford in 1983 with a BS Degree in Business Administration. He was Assistant Vice President - Computer Technology Services for Johnson & Higgins/Marsh McLennan. He is survived by his wife, Renee; two children, Jonathan Daniel and Kaitlyn Eileen; his parents, Robert and Eileen; a brother, Michael; three sisters, Kathy, Pamela, and Mary; and six nieces and nephews.

This is the opening of a story about how his family is doing today:

Wichita, Kan. -- One day a man left for work and never came home. Five years later, his daughter dreams of her father's eyelashes floating in water.
It is one story from 9/11, a cataclysm in American history that changed this nation in ways we may not fully grasp for decades.
While the girl's recurring dream does not reside in our collective memory of that September morning -- plunging airliners, collapsing skyscrapers, the deaths of 3,016 people, a still-unfolding clash of armies and cultures -- it speaks to the day's wrenching power and continued tug.
The girl's name is Katie. Her father was Daniel Nolan, a computer executive whose office on the 97th floor of the World Trade Center's north tower was ground zero of Ground Zero.

Read the rest of this story.

Links to Daniel Nolan pages:

Please check this site for links to other blogger tributes to victims of 9/11. There are some very special tributes here from bloggers who knew the victims.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this.

debambam said...

What a lovely tribute to a great man.
Kelly, a fellow 2996er
I remember

M said...

I was lucky to report to Dan Nolan as part of my job. I saw him once a year in NY and kept in touch via email otherwise. His great sense of humor, sincere desire for everyone to do well, and dedication to those he loved still shines in my memory. To know Dan even for a short while was to realize that he was a deeply *good* man. Dan, I'll keep your memory bright.

M. Michel

Anonymous said...

I did not know Dan himself but I went to school with his son Jonathan. He was a nice kid but was never the same after his father's death. Hey Jon, if your reading this, you probably dont remember me but we were in 2nd grade together. I remember you and how you told us about what you said to your dad that morning. Anyway, I'm really sorry Jon. My prayers are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Renee and family,
Dan's Dad and my dad are cousins. When I found out that Dan was lost in the WTC, I was devastated. I may have met him in the 1983 Nolan reunion, but was too young to know him when he lived near us in CA. I'm now pregnant with our third child here in the Los Angeles area, and wanted to let you know that it's a boy, and we're naming him Daniel James, after the Daniels in the family. God be with you all and heal you.
Love, Jennifer (Nolan)

jonathan d. nolan said...

hello. i am jonathan (JD) dans son. i never remember my sister once mentioning this dream. she hardly remembers her father and doesnt say mutch about him accept the usual bragging to get attention but i remember him somewhat well. i was seven at the time of death and am currently writing a book (even though im only 14) and i plan on using his personality in a character in the story, leaving hints and clues throught the story mentioning 911 if you look closely. but i would like to say that my father was a great man, and died prematurely. as i age my father is beggining to fade from memory but i have vowed never to copletely forget him and alwase remember his smile. our family is in a slight financial crisis, we are currently moving and tryin to sell our house. i do miss my father and never go a day without thinkin of him. if you wish to contact me and learn more of our story, you can contact me at afew places but my myspace mage is,
and remember, we will never forget.

Anonymous said...

I still think of you every year, Dan. Rave on, brother, rave on.

M Michel

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Eileen Moran said...

I was a close friend of Dans'. We had a wonderful gathering yesterday to honor you and share great memories. We are so lucky to have had you in OUR lives and will NEVER forget you Dan Man. Always in my heart.



Theresa Owens Malone said...

I had heard about the gathering through an old friend at Orions... i worked with Dan in the 80's. i was out of state this weekend, but would have loved to share some fun loving photos of Dan and the old orion crew having fun off hours. (Were there grapefruit wars?)
Dan was ALWAYS the ringleader. From the Fluidity bowling team to the ski trips, california and bermuda... the fun never ended with dan around. God Bless him and his family, and know that fond thoughts and prayers are always sent his way and theirs! Theresa (Owens) Malone

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